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We offer a highly personalized & consultative market development service for our discerning clients, both domestic & international, who aspire to grow their business within the United Kingdom & Europe.

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All organisations, from Enterprise organisations to SMEs and one-man start-ups consistently aspire to grow their top-line revenues. This can be a challenge for those companies with limited / no resources for an in-house sales team or a need for business development in new sectors or markets.    

Furthermore, extending your own company resources can bring administrative hurdles and associated internal limitations when trying to grow quickly. Additionally, a lack of know-how in the chosen market and vertical can seriously impact revenue performance. Therefore, organisations are now relying increasingly on outsourced market development.  

With JONEX Global as your business growth partner, you expedite time to market, thereby safe-guarding critical cash flows by focusing upon revenue generation. Whether you’re a small local business, a start-up in growth or expansion phase or a global multinational, we would be delighted to hear from you and help you achieve more.


JONEX Global's Pillars of Strength


(New business generation)

  • Industry Vertical Evaluation 

  • Market Research 

  • Direct Sales activity - evaluate leads and engage prospects via direct emails/phone, online / on-site workshops 

  • Budget aligned B2B Marketing (including the creation of compelling communications, representing clients at trade shows, networking events, social media, digital marketing campaigns, partnership/reseller marketing and PR.) 

  • Widen Distribution Channels  

  • Interest generation, Networking, Lobbying 

  • Negotiations, Overcoming Objections & Risk Mitigations 

  • Support with Business Case & Financial Modelling 

  • Deal Closures & Customer conversion 


(Increase Opportunity Pipelines)

  • Customer Business Overview 

  • Create Strategic Account Plans 

  • Defining Competitive Landscape 

  • Aligning with Customer Strategic Pillars 

  • Strengthen Revenue Drivers & Existing Opportunities 

  • Identifying Value-Added new opportunities 

  • Relationship & Engagement model design 

  • Governance Framework 

  • Expanding & Reaching a Broader Audience 

  • Evaluation & Feasibility of Strategic Partnership Readiness 

  • Partnership Content & Framework Modelling 

  • Lead & Engage all relevant stakeholders & follow through towards delivery