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We offer a highly personalized & consultative market development service for our discerning clients, both domestic & international, who aspire to grow their business within the United Kingdom & Europe.

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Services & Work Methodology

JONEX Global focusses exclusively on growing business opportunities for our Clients in their chosen markets. This is how we do it -

New Business Strategy Development &  Market Research 

● Define competitive landscape 
● Evaluate client pricing model efficiency
● Gather Market Intelligence

● Analyze & identify distribution channels

● Evaluate client pricing model efficiency

● Identify relevant events/expos for maximum Client exposure​

Lead Generation & Business Development

● Direct Sales activities - evaluate leads and engage prospects via direct emails/phone, online/on-site workshops 
● Representing clients at Trade Shows, Conferences, & Expos either as a delegate or as an exhibitor
● Interest generation, Networking, Lobbying 
● Identify Networking events for wider exposure & lead generation
● Identify channel/reseller platforms for wider outreach
● Negotiations, Overcoming Objections & Risk Mitigations
● Support with Business Case & Financial Modelling 
● Deal Closures & Customer conversion

Key Account Management

● Create Customer Business Overview &  Strategic Account Plans
● Strengthen Revenue Drivers & Existing Opportunities
● Manage Key Accounts on behalf of our clients via Stakeholder & Relationship management
● Identifying Value-Added new opportunities
● Relationship & Engagement model design
● Evaluation & Feasibility of Strategic Partnership Readiness

● Partnership Content and Framework Modelling

Sales &  Marketing Consulting

● Consult on Sales collateral draft & design suitable for UK &  European markets
● Consult on Pitch decks, Commercial proposals & Financial modelling
● Consult on Communication strategy
● Consult on Brand positioning strategy
● Consult on Media &  PR
● Consult on Social Media strategy

B2B Marketing

● Create budget aligned B2B Marketing strategy
● Creation of compelling communications
● Expand Client visibility on Social media channels
● Create & consult on localised digital marketing campaigns
● Identify Associations & Industry relevant publications for Client advertising &  inclusion
● Partnership/reseller marketing and PR